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Here you will find news, articles, tips on exercises for home workout, smart tips for a painful back and much more in the category posture, pain relief, home exercise and ergonomics. Scientific evidence strengthens the effect of our products.

Back pain of business person

Back pain

Back pain 5 common problems of back pain. Back pain can be due to many causes but leads to a difficult everyday life with poor

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8 tips for better posture

8 tips for better posture A good posture is not only nice, it is also good for the back and blood circulation. So stretch! A


10 tips for the home office

10 tips for the home office Create an ergonomic environment at home. See all the tips below. 1. Activity-based Think activity-based workplace also in the


What is good posture?

What is good posture? How much does posture mean to you? Have you thought about it? Do you think about your posture when you go

Male osteopath doing a postural evaluation


Experts Problems from the neck, shoulders and back are one of the most common causes of sick leave in Sweden.  Back problems together with mental

Doctor examining a female patients back


Scientific evidence Results after only 6 weeks of use! 3D Qinematic Posture Scans are scientific tests that measure the effects before and after using Swedish

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