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Problems from the neck, shoulders and back are one of the most common causes of sick leave in Sweden. 

Back problems together with mental illness make up 60% of all sick leave, which means large costs for companies and organizations.

See what our specialists say about posture and about using our products as a complement to other exercise and movement to get better health.

Linda Carlsson, Dipl. Postural Terapeut

Name:  Linda Carlsson
Profession: Dipl. Postural Terapeut
Country: Sweden/Norway

As a postural therapist, I work with developing individual training programs that provide a better posture, which also leads to better health. Postural therapy is a way to restore the body’s normal function, as well as its ability to move freely and indefinitely without pain.

Both activity and inactivity can limit the body’s natural ability to distribute the load.

In order for the load to be evenly distributed, the body should both have a relaxed neutral posture and that the muscles cooperate in the way that they are supposed to do.

Many times it is what it takes to get rid of pain and aches. Feel free to read more about postural therapy, I can also recommend that you read more and watch postural training vilket kan utföras på distans.

Gabriella Follin, Ergonomist

Name:  Gabriella Follin
Profession: Lic. Physiotherapist and Ergonomist
Country: Sweden

Getting used to a bad posture means that the body and brain learn that this monster is normal. Everything else is experienced as strange and difficult to understand. You may then need help with posture correction and muscle strengthening exercises to find your way into and get used to a good posture pattern.

Your body is greatly affected by your posture. Poor posture can have a negative effect on joints, muscles and nerve structures, but also on internal organs that do not get enough space if you collapse.

Since I work with ergonomics and visit different companies daily, I see how much we humans are affected by sitting in a bad posture for too long, or from having a very static profession. I always recommend my patients to use Swedish Posture’s products, but also to change their routines. To take many breaks daily, get up, strengthen the back muscles and to simply become aware of their bodies and how they should take care of them in order to perform better and for a long time.

Dr Lutz Graumann, Physiotherapist

Name:  Dr. Lutz Graumann
Profession: Lic. Physiotherapist & Sports Medicine
Country: Germany

The Posture Reminder T-shirt works much like Nietzsche’s superego – it is a constant reminder that you should unknowingly become more aware of your posture.

Good posture is the lifeline for most back, neck and head pain syndromes in our modern society. Often the back problems start with a posture problem and the lack of movement and exercise.

Posture Reminder T-shirt will help time improve your posture in just a few days or weeks!

Dr. Christoph Gekle, Orthopedic Surgeon

Name: Christoph Gekle
Profession: Orthopedic Surgeon
Country: Wuppertal, Germany

I can warmly recommend Swedish Posture’s products for the posture to someone who has a lot of pain in the back and shoulders and often ends up in a crooked and unhealthy posture. At the clinic, posture harnesses are used for preventive purposes for shoulder patients with impingement syndrome to prevent surgery. We as a team also use them during the working day and during sports activities to become more aware of our posture. It really makes a difference.

Hanne Kine Lauritzen, Lic. Chiropractor

Name:  Hanne Line Lauritzen
Profession: Lic. Chiropractor
Country: Sweden/Norway

I meet many customers daily and I would actually say that bad posture is the epidemic of the western world. Due to stress, too many hours in front of digital devices and lack of movement, many people suffer from constant back pain and poor posture. I always recommend Swedish Posture’s products as a complement to my treatments and for my clients to use them between our meetings. They are perfect with reminders! Awareness is super important to be able to improve posture.






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