Ergonomic Mobile Stand

Improves posture
Easy to use
Everyday use

Adjustable holder for mobile phone and tablet 

The Swedish Posture phone stand is a great desk accessory that offers a hands-free convenience and a comfortable viewing angle for optimal ergonomics. Using the stand helps your neck stay in its natural upright position and therefore keeping a good posture while using the phone. This is the perfect complement for your work place while working, having meetings, watching videos or talking with friends and family. 

  • Clean discreet and user-friendly design
  • Universal compatibility – Works with any mobile phone or tablet
  • Adjustable – It can easily be adjusted to ideal position
  • Fully foldable – Sleek mini format to easily fit into the bag
  • Multi angle design – To ensure perfect ergonomic and posture friendly angle
  • Anti-slip design – Provides maximum support 

Technical Specifications

Material: Aluminum
75 x 195 x 3 mm
Weight: 80 grams
Universal compatibility

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