Feminine Shoulder Brace Women

Improves posture
All day use
Reminding not supporting function
Only for women

Feminine is an elegant bolero for the conscious woman who wants to adjust her posture. The beautiful design prevents your shoulders from rolling forward and gives you an attractive posture.

You wear the bolero all day as an underwear item, closest to the skin. Posture Feminine is comfortable, elastic and washable. An appreciated product making sure to wear your clothes in style or for home training, yoga and walking.

• Gives you an attractive posture
• Posture Alignment Technology
• Prevents your shoulders from rolling forward in a bad posture
• Female design in soft material

Change your postural pattern:
Wear Feminine underwear bolero all day, closest to the skin, for a subtle reminder and guidance to a good posture.

Size Guide

If you are in between sizes, choose the smaller one.

 Sizes XS S-M M-L L-XL
EU 32 34-36 38-40 40-42
Weight (kg) 40-50 50-65 65-80 80-90
Height (cm) 135-165 150-175 155-185 160-195


Material & Technology

Material: 82% Nylon, 18 % Elastane

Wash in 40 degrees Celsius

* Posture Alignment Technology
Reminiscent posture function based on biofeedback and the combination of elasticity and firmness. Developed by Swedish Posture for optimal posture correction by having a muscle-strengthening effect of the inner core instead of relieving it. The body is guided back to a natural posture.


The importance of good posture

Good posture relieves neck and back pain

8 tips for improving your posture

A great way to prevent posture problems? Stand up tall. You'll feel better and look better - slimmer, even.