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Why did we create these products?

Pain due to a sedentary lifestyle - an increasing global health problem

- 40 and 50 year olds sit 75% of the time they are awake. 

- Almost 56% of women and 48% of men suffer from consistent back pain.

- More than 80% suffer from lower back pain from time to time.

- In Sweden, back pain is the 3rd most common cause for sick leave.

- Globally 5.3 million people die yearly because of physical inactivity.

Swedish Posture’s products are easy to use, give instant effect,

are portable and can be used at any time wherever you are. 

Our 360° full body solution


Enabling motion and active breaks from long-term sitting.


Using the body as reference for posture reminder when slouching.

Muscle strength

Activation and strengthening of postural muscles. 

Behavioural change

Gentle guidance of the body to new postural patterns.

Product Development

Multiple winners of Best in Test. Swedish Posture develops functional products in close collaboration with professionals worldwide. Selected products are patented, best in test and have Medical Class II.

Posture Alignment Technology

Reminding posture function based on biofeedback and the combination of elasticity and firmness. Check out our Position Posture Vest and our Alignment Cotton T-Shirt

Posture Vertical System

Revolutionary patented carrying system. The carrying system in the Vertical Backpack helps prevent poor posture and back problems.

Health innovation designed in Sweden