Cure neck and shoulder pain at home

If you experience mild neck and shoulder pain, you can try to relieve the pain with prevention methods at home:

- Take a break from sports or other activities that may worsen the pain.

- Use an ice pack, whatever you find in the freezer, on the pain area for the first couple of days. Wrap the ice pack in a towel to make it more comfortable and use it for up to 20 minutes, 5 times a day. This will help reduce the swelling.

- Apply heat using a wheat cushion or our Heavy Weight Shoulder Wrap

- Take pain killers, but not too many or too often.  

- Wear a supportive vest wrap, like our Position Posture Vest, to reduce swelling and pain. 

- Massage the neck and shoulder area using Swedish Posture’s Massage Pillow

- Use our Cold Gel Pain Roll-On

Recommended neck stretches

Do the following stretches regularly at home. Perform 3-4 circuits at a time:

1. Find a natural relaxed sitting position.

2. Tilt your head forward touching your chin to your chest, and hold there for 5 -10 seconds.

3. Slowly tilt your head straight back, looking up at the ceiling. Hold that position for 5 -10 seconds.

4. Tilt your head to the left side, aim to touch your ear to your shoulder. Try keeping your shoulder relaxed and hold the position for 5 -10 seconds.

5. Repeat the above movement on your right side.

6. Rotate your head very gently to the left, as though you’re looking over your shoulder. Hold your head in that position for 5 - 10 seconds.

7. Repeat the above movement on the opposite right side.