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Back Rest Lumbar Support


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Back rest lumbar support is an ergonomic support for a natural sitting position that promotes posture. With Back Rest, you get a comfortable lumbar support that gives your back a natural S-curvature when you sit. The lumbar support is made of a lightweight material in mesh that shapes itself to your body and allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature. The net is cool in the summer and allows for the warmth from a heated seat in the winter.

Back Rest prevents back and neck pain by guiding you to an anatomically correct sitting position on all chairs. Back rest is perfect for long car journeys, but also in the office as an ergonomic seating position is needed to save on the back. Straps for easy fixing around the back of the chair. The part in the middle of the lumbar support also provides a light massage for your lumbar spine.

“Truly a functional and dynamic support for the back in the car or the office seat. Many are aware of their posture and sitting position in the office but completely forget about it in the car. Because you can sit in the car for many hours as a salesman or during your vacation, I would really recommend taking care of your back even then. ”
Gabriella Follin, physiotherapist


Back Rest excellent for the car

With the lumbar support Back Rest on the car seat, you can step out of the car without feeling stiff and have back pain.

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Formable lumbar support

Back Rest has lightweight material that is malleable and optimal for a comfortable fit.



One size


The order is delivered after 6-10 days depending on the country.

Small packages will be shipped straight to your home. For bulkier packages it will be send to a collection point

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