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Balance Ergonomic seat


Balance ergonomic seat is a cushioned seat with an unstable sitting surface that activates your postural muscles. Sit yourself strong – deskercise! With the balance seat, you improve your posture, mobility, balance and strength while sitting.

Activate your muscles while you work or study. You can place the seat on any stool, chair or sofa as the function does not depend on the surface. Alternate use with short breaks to gradually build up strength. To strengthen your torso properly, Balance ergonomic seat is more unstable than a pilates ball. In addition, it is discreet enough for the office.

“Do not sit for too long! Our body is designed for movement, regular daily exercise is when we feel the best! Since we today spend too much time sitting still by a computer, we have developed Balance with a number of different medical experts. The balance seat reduces our static sitting and activates our core and muscles while sitting down. 
Emma Pihl, CEO Swedish Posture


Better ergonomics

The balance site encourages low-intensity training that strengthens the torso and posture while you’re working, studying or watching tv.

• Improves your posture, mobility and strength
• Provides ergonomic sitting with a focus on torso strength
• Can be used for both passive and active training
• Exercise guide on the purchase
• Use regularly

balance coreträning

    How to use the balance seat

    Balance tilts the pelvis which helps the spine to get its natural S-curvature. Sitting on Balance alsow gives you an angle in the hip that is more than 90 degrees which increases the blood circulation in the hip.

    The function of the Balance seat is similar to a pilates ball. The advantages of the balance seat are that it’s more unstable which contributes to more active core exercise during use and that it takes up less space than a Pilates ball.

    Place the balance seat on any stool, armchair, chair or sofa. Balance does not depend on the surface layer. Just make sure that the chair does not move and be prepared that the balance seat is very unstable.

    Make sure to sit in the middle of the seat so you get optimal training and ergonomic sitting.

    A few times a day, sit on Balance and do exercises to strengthen the core and lower back:

    • Lift the right leg – try to sit completely stable
    • Lift left leg – try to sit completely stable
    • Swing right to left, front and back to increase hip mobility
    • Stretch the side by tilting the seat and stretching the arm. Increase mobility and blood circulation by continuously moving the seat.
    • Super difficult: Lift both legs at the same time!



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