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Full body Smart Kit


Flexi Posture Brace

Flexi posture brace, the original, is our bestseller that reminds you to straighten your back. The posture brace guides your body to good posture, comfortably and effectively. Flexi is especially nice to wear at the end of the working day, as the posture may need an extra boost. A perfect complement to training and physiotherapy for changing a bad postural pattern.

Insoles 3/4 Orthopedic Insoles

Insoles ¾ are new orthopedic insoles that improve your posture. Did you know that posture is affected by your feet? An incorrect foot position affects the ankle, knee and hip and can cause pain, injury or impaired posture.

Insole's 3/4 shoe insoles are designed to stabilize your feet and ankles so you get an improved posture when you stand and walk. The shoe insoles also prevent twisting that leads to load damages. Perfect if you like walking or often stand at work.

The ultimate package for the posture from the feet to the shoulders. Posture depends on so many factors not individual body parts.

Flexi Posture Brace


Black, Pink, White




Insoles 3/4 Orthopedic Insoles


S 35-37, M 38-40, L 41-43, XL 44-46


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