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Kinesio Tape Star Lumbar


Tape Star is a specially developed kinesio tape cut in a shape for the lumbar spine to relieve muscle pain, prevent injuries and accelerate recovery.

  • Can be used 3 - 5 days
  • Star shape - specially designed for the lumbar spine
  • Treating tape that is similar to the skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Material: Latex-free, hyperallergenic, moisture-absorbing
  • Comes in 3-pack


What is kineso tape?

Kinesio tape was invented by Kenzo Kase in the 70’s to create a tape that had similar properties to the skin.

Kinesio tape is mainly used in connection with rehabilitation for soreness in muscles and tendons, where the tape provides extra support and stability without affecting movement patterns or blood circulation. The kinesio tape is also used as an injury prevention method, as the tape can be used to hold joints in place so that harmful and extreme positions are avoided. It is common to mix kinesio tape with the so-called sports tape, which is only used to stabilize or provide support. This type of tape – unlike kinesio tape – often has undesirable side effects such as impaired blood circulation and the circulation of other fluids.





One-size. Paket om 3 enheter


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