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Position Posture Supporting Vest



The posture vest awarded Best in Test 2020 in Sweden. Now with improved function.

Position is a comfortable and effective posture vest that improves posture and provides support for your lumbar and thoracic spine. The posture vest is unique thanks to the elasticity that enables movement and the extra length providing excellent support for your lumbar spine.

“I have tested many posture vests over the years for my patients but this is my favorite! It provides both support for the back while the elasticity makes it easy to move. And it is longer than other vests so it really supports the lumbar spine and relieves pain.”
Hanne Kine Lauritzen, Lic. chiropractor

Posture vest supporting back, lower back and shoulder

Relieve pain in the back and lumbar spine with the comfortable award winning posture vest in Sweden.

• Improves posture and gives you pain relief
• Elastic textile enables movement during use
• Elongated model provides extra lumbar support
• Adjusts the position of the shoulders via crossed bands over the back
• Double layer straps for adjustable stability
• Double buttoning with velcro strap for a perfect fit
• Use 1-3 hours a day


position hållningsväst


posture postion hållnigsväst detaljer


How to use

The posture vest is easy to use and can be hidden under a jacket for a discrete look.

  • Use maximum 3 hours. Your body should not rely on always being supported.
  • Use the posture vest on top of dark clothes until it has been washed.
  • Close the main wide waistband first, then the two lower band that adjusts the pressure on the lower spine.

sätta på sig hållningsvästen position

  • Lastly you close the two upper bands that adjusts the shoulders. Hold the shoulder on the opposite side of the band and then pull until you feel its a good position.

sätta på sig hållningsvästen position


XS, S, M, L


88 % Polyester, 12 % Elastane


Compare with:3234-3638-4042-44



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