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Vibe Digital Posture Sensor


An effective posture coach based on Bio-feedback in a minimal format. Vibe digital posture sensor vibrates when it's time to correct your posture. You easily attach Vibe to the shirt with a magnet and are up and running with the push of a button! Perfect for the work day.


“Vibe has changed the way I work! All of a sudden it became “fun” to sit correctly and to think about my posture. The best thing is that it’s so easy to use, discreet and small ”
Daniel Johansson, auditor




Innovative, simple to use and cool design

After 5 seconds of poor posture, the sensor vibrates and gives you a friendly reminder to straighten your back. Vibe is super easy to use as no app needs to be downloaded and no complicated settings need to be made.

  • Reminds you to straighten your back after 5 seconds of poor posture
  • Discreet and clean design
  • Innovative posture tech-product
  • Easy to use when you work or study.
  • Charged with USB cable

How to use Vibe

Turn on the sensor. Correct your posture and set your starting position. Put Vibe on the chest or on the back. Vibe allows you to lean forward more than 15 degrees from your starting position for 5 seconds. A vibration then reminds you to change your posture. The vibe continues to vibrate until you are back in the starting position. To charge Vibe, connect the USB cable to a USB device.

IMPORTANT. The Vibe digital posture sensor must be worn with the Swedish Posture logo placed horizontally to calibrate your posture pattern correctly.

vibe påminnelse


vibe påminnelse


The order is delivered after 6-10 days depending on the country.

Small packages will be shipped straight to your home. For bulkier packages it will be send to a collection point

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