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  • Flexi Posture Brace

    Our bestseller Flexi corrector is a posture reminder brace encouraging you to stand up straight. Use max 3 hours.

  • Reminder T-shirt Posture Man

    Patented posture t-shirt that reminds you to straighten your back by guiding your shoulders to an upright position

  • Reminder T-shirt Posture Woman

    Patented posture t-shirt that reminds you to straighten your back by guiding your shoulders to an upright position

  • Vibe Digital Posture Sensor

    An efficient digital posture sensor based on Bio-feedback in a minimal format. Attached with a magnet to the clothes

  • Position Posture Supporting Vest

    Position is a posture vest that improves posture and provides support for your lumbar and thoracic spine

  • Vertical Ergonomic Backpack

    Vertical ergonomic backpack is a unique solution for you who are suffering from back pain and want to stop straining your shoulders

  • Back Stretch Lumbar Stretching

    Back stretch helps you get rid of tension in the back, increases your flexibility and gives you a better posture

  • Back Rest Lumbar Support

    Back rest lumbar support is an ergonomic support for a natural sitting position that promotes posture in the car and office

  • Sports Top Workout Bra

    Sports top workout bra is an elegant, innovative and comfortable posture top that adjusts the shoulders to the correct position

  • Insoles 3/4 Orthopedic Insoles

    Insoles ¾ are orthopedic insoles that improve your posture when you stand and walk by supporting the feet

  • Feminine Elegant Posture Bolero

    Feminine is an elegant bolero for the conscious woman who wants to adjust her posture. Wear as an undergarment

  • Kids Posture Harness

    Kids posture brace is developed for children who often sit in front of computers or digital devices and that need better posture

  • Upright Kinesio Tape

    Upright kinesio tape is a specially developed kinesiology tape that improves your posture and strengthens your back

  • Upper Body Smart Kit

    The ultimate package for a better posture. Here is everything you need to become aware of your posture and strengthen your core

  • Shoulders Smart Kit

    Everything you need to improve your posture - at home, at work or during the workout. Both for workout and correction

  • Home office Smart Kit

    The ultimate office package for an ergonomic workplace. Sit strong while stretching your back and improve your posture

  • Full body Smart Kit

    The ultimate package for the posture from the feet to the shoulders. Posture depends on so many factors not individual body parts

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