Results after only 6 weeks of use!

3D Qinematic Posture Scans are scientific tests that measure the effects before and after using Swedish Posture’s products. Find your posture type and see what is recommended for you.

Posture type:

Rounded shoulders

Madeleine – a young and athletic girl but with a sedentary office job. She has problems with her stomach bulging out when she gets tired.

See how Madeleine’s posture is affected by using the Posture Flexi posture harness?

Scanning 1 – without Posture Flexi
An unbalanced posture leaning backwards, typical of people with strong torso muscles. Madeleine uses large muscles unnecessarily, which can be very tiring and energy consuming.

Scanning 2 – with Posture Flexi
A much more balanced posture, with the center of gravity almost exactly over the center line, which is much more energy efficient and less energy demanding.


Hunchback and vulture neck

Peter – a tall, slender young man with typical posture problems for someone very tall. His hips are protruding, he has a hunchback and vulture neck. He wants to improve his posture to look more confident.

See how Peter’s posture is affected by using Posture Flexi?

Scanning 1 – without Posture Flexi
Very heavy hips, clear vulture neck and kyphosis. This can lead to headaches, fatigue, back pain and balance problems.

Scanning 2 – with Posture Flexi
The entire upper back was moved backwards and became more upright. The old neck disappeared immediately and the chest was lifted. The whole posture improved considerably.


Sway back and forward rotated shoulders

Tom – a cameraman who constantly carries a heavy load. He stands in strange positions and often sits for long periods in front of the computer. He often feels tired in the back and has headaches.

Se how Tom’s posture is affected by using the Posture Flexi posture harness?

Scanning 1 – without Posture Flexi
Rounded forward rotated shoulders and a typical swayed with hips that fall forward and leave a lot of pressure on Tom’s back.

Scanning 2 – with Posture Flexi and after using Posture Trainer for stretch and mobility.
The lumbar region has improved significantly with a much more upright posture. The straighter posture has increased Tom’s flexibility and relieves back pain and future pain.


Sway back and tilted shoulders

Chris – a former professional football player who now has a sedentary office job. He has problems with pain in his back and shoulders.

See how Chris’ posture is affected by using Posture Minigym and Posture Balance?

The scan shows that Chris does not use and activate his torso and pelvic muscles. With Posture Balance, a balance seat that is very unstable, he can train his torso strength to be able to control and maintain his posture. With Posture Minigym, he can also train other important posture muscles.