A complete and portable workout kit 

Mini gym exercise kit

Tips on how to motivate yourself to workout at home 

1. Create a place for your workout
With a designated place for your workout, you will feel more motivated to start.

2. No equipment needed
Don’t wait until you have bought dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands. Using your body weight can often be enough for a sweaty workout.

3. Remove distractions
It's easy to be distracted at home so make sure to turn off the tv, place your phone in another room and tell your family members not to disturb you during the workout.

4. Warm up
Make sure you warm up your body so you don’t strain any muscles during workout

5. Only 20 minutes
Exercising is the most important, not for how long you do it. 20 minutes is perfectly fine and efficient for your body and heart.

6. Train in the morning
It’s so easy to be caught up in other activities so to make sure the workout will happen, plan it for the morning.

7. Get dressed
Put on your gym kit and nice exercise clothes to get more motivated. A good tip is to prepare your clothes the night before.

8. Play your favourite music
Play the music you like loudly, to increase your energy level.

9. Don’t skip exercises
Add your home workouts to your calendar so you don’t start skipping them.

10. Set a goal
Set a goal with your exercise routine. It can be anything like next week I will do 25 minutes instead of 20, or in 3 months I should be able to do 10 push-ups.

11. Exercise with someone else
Invite a friend or a family member to join your sessions. It’s more fun to exercise together! Are you ready to start? Our Mini Gym is a complete home exercise kit for functional workout.