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How do I return an order?

Would you like to make an exchange or return? No problem. We offer an extended 30-days return policy. Return cost is at the customer's expense. In the event of return, Swedish Posture does not reimburse the shipping cost. 

Consider the environment before returning a product. If you are sure that you want to send it back, please use our address. 

Inspirera & Co AB c/o Gimp
Vindkraftsvägen 6
S-13570 Stockholm

Products must be in perfect condition and with all the original labels attached. We will notify you once we have received the package and refunded the purchase.

Returning items from outside of the EU can come with a customs fee.


What is the shipping cost?

Sweden: shipping fee is 39 -79 SEK depending on product. Delivery 3-6 business days. 

EU: shipping fee is €7.95 - €19.95 depending on product. Delivery 7-14 business days.

Switzerland, UK, Norway: The shipping fee is €9.95 - €29.95 depending on product. You will need to pay import taxes and duties according to the local regulations in your country, therefore some orders may have a customs fee. Delivery 7-14 business days. 

US: The shipping fee is €19.95 - €40 depending on product. You will need to pay import taxes and duties according to the local regulations in your country, therefore some orders may have a customs fee. Delivery 10-20 business days.

What shipping providers do you use?

Depending on the country, mostly UPS, DHL or Fedex outside Sweden. Within Sweden we use PostNord Varubrev and DHL.

What's the delivery time?

Delivery takes between 1 and 4 business days in Sweden and between 3 and 14 business days to other countries. 

If delivery delays should occur (without you having been notified), please contact us at info@posture.se


How can I contact you?

Use the contact us form on the website.

Send an email to info@posture.se.

Visit us on Facebook or send a message on Instagram 


What size should I take?

Always take the size you normally buy in clothes. On each product page you have the size guide. Go to All products

Why does it say max 1-3 hours use for some products?

We have set a maximum time because it's important that your body and muscles do not rely on a supportive product all the time. You should train your postural muscles and become more aware of your body and posture.

Use the product for a short time, be aware on how to position your body, then remove it and keep that position.

We help you change your postural and behavioural pattern.

Is there evidence the products work?

With 3D Qinematic Posture Scan, we have measured the effects before and after using several of our products. There are clear results after 6 weeks of daily use of the Flexi posture brace. The overall conclusion of the study is that Flexi is a very useful product to remind of an upright posture and to learn to position the body correctly when sitting, standing or walking. See more about the scans here

What laptop size fits in Vertical Backpack?

Computer up to 15 inches fits in the padded compartment. 

Computer up to 17 inches fits in the padded compartment.

Go to Posture Vertical Backpack

Is there anytime I definitely should not use postural products?

According to professionals, the only reason not to use our products is if you're experiencing pain while using them.

It should not hurt to wear for example Flexi shoulder strap, it should only remind you to straighten your back.

If you have severe pain in back and neck, you should always consult a doctor or physiotherapist.


What is good posture?

A good posture means that the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle are in a straight line above each other with an S-curvature in the spine.

From the front, the shoulders, hips and knees should be parallel to each other. The body should be able to stand relaxed upright, without conscious effort.

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