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Benefits of a good posture

1. Improved breathing

Research shows that a bad posture negatively affects the ability to breathe deeply and to fill the lungs with oxygen. A bad slouching posture makes the muscles at the front of your body shorter which impedes your breathing. Standing with a good posture on the other hand, will improve the oxygen intake by 30%.

2. Self confidence

With a good posture you feel more confident and self-assured, your body communicates self-reliance and authority. A bad posture communicates the opposite, low self-esteem and fear. Enjoy a good-looking posture by wearing a discrete Flexi Posture Brace, which will help you not only to correct your posture immediately, but also develop better posture in the long run.

3. Back relief

A good posture in a neutral position makes you use your muscles correctly, which makes your back feel better. A bad slouching posture puts a lot of strain on your spine which in the long term can cause pain. 

4. Better mood

Your mood is affected by your posture. When feeling depressed you tend to slouch with a heavy head. However, when feeling happy, you naturally straighten up to a proud posture.

5. Digestion

With a good posture your internal organs have great space and you can digest food without any difficulties.

 6. A lean look

With a good posture you look more slender. A poor posture can make your belly stand out.

 7. Less headaches

Research shows that a bad forward head posture tends to increase the risk of recurrent headaches. Are you already suffering from headaches today? Why not try our Heavy Weight Headband

8. Decreases stiffness when ageing

The posture affects how your body ages. With a good posture you decrease the risk of stiffness, tension and stress on your joints. You also look younger. Our Mini Gym Exercise Kit is a complete and portable exercise kit for a varied home workout, mobility and postural training. 

9. More energy

When slouching in a bad posture your body needs to work harder since it’s an unnatural position. Your muscles will fatigue faster. By keeping a good posture, you don’t waste as much energy.

10.  Easier to concentrate.

The improved oxygen flow that comes with a good posture, has a positive effect on your brain, hence your concentration. 

Main reasons for posture improvement

- Pain from having a poor posture

Back and neck pain puts excessive stress on the body.

- Using digital devices

Screen use creates a daily behaviour of poor posture habits.

- Sitting too much

Same health risks as posed by cardiovascular disease, obesity and smoking.

- Performance enhancement

Poor posture inhibits deep breathing and limits optimal movement.

- Sedentary lifestyle

Physical inactivity is the number one cause for diseases and death in the western world.

- Looks

Improved posture boosts confidence and decreases cortisol (stress) levels.