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Kids posture brace is developed for children who often sit in front of computers or digital devices and who need to be reminded of their posture to prevent being in a bad posture for long periods of time. The holding band reminds the children to actively stretch their backs. This is to restore good function in the body, instead of acting as a posture support. Kids posture brace guides the body to good posture by using the right muscles.

Kids posture brace is created with Posture Alignment Technology *. To counteract unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, the brace band is partly static with an elastic reminder function. Padded fabric also makes it extra comfortable. Recommended to wear during class, gaming or ipad use.

• Improves posture by gradually changing behavior
• Posture Alignment Technology
• Activates the muscles when needed
• Adjustable Velcro strap for optimal fit
• Use a maximum of 3 hours at a time

Change your postural pattern:
Wear Kids posture brace regularly, 1-3 hours at a time.



Is a posture brace good for children?

As the back grows, a foundation of habits and inner muscle strength is laid that will affect the child's posture throughout life. With a screen, children's posture often becomes worse and spending a lot of time in that position can overtime be harmful.

A posture brace alerts the child when the posture collapses and helps the child to activate the right muscles themselves for a good posture and a strong back.



How do I help my child prevent bad posture?

That the child moves naturally through play, movement and sports is essential for healthy health throughout life, but also to reduce sedentary behavior or to ensure that the body is used optimally and ergonomically when sitting.

Make sure the screen is at a good distance and in a position from the child so they can sit well, help the child with a seat cushion to sit up straight at school or at the dining table.

With the help of a posture brace, the child is reminded to think about his posture and learns to maintain a correct posture.


Can children have bad posture?

Yes, more and more children suffer from the effects of poor posture already at an early age, posture patterns also become more difficult to change over the years. Children's posture can depend on the structure of the spine or on lifestyle.


Are there risks of affecting children's posture?

Most of us today have a lifestyle that continuously deteriorates our posture, including the children's. Increased sedentary time, less movement, more static unergonomic positions in front of screens.

Actively trying to maintain the child's natural posture is work that needs to be done with ergonomics, movement and posture reminders.

However, not influencing your child's posture can have risks for the child's development and future back health.



Size guide

 Sizes Height (cm) Weight (kg)
6-12 years (XS) 110-135 17,5-30
12-16 years (S) 115-160 32,5-50

Material & Technology

Material:  71% cotton, 25% nylon, 4% Elastane

Wash in 40 degrees Celsius

* Posture Alignment Technology

Reminding posture function based on biofeedback and the combination of elasticity and firmness. Developed by Swedish Posture for optimal posture correction by having muscles strengthening instead of relieving them. The body is guided to a natural posture.

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Sweden Sweden


Great for my daughter that spends too much time on her phone and tiktok in bad posture positions;)

Sweden Sweden

My daughter has bad posture

I bought the brace for my daughter. She is very thin and very tall so she always falls into a forward shoulders position. The brace helps her! Only negative side is that she thinks its a bit embarrassing wearing it.

Sweden Sweden

Perfect for my son

Great product for my son. He sits too much with his phone and computer so he has got a really bad posture. He actually likes wearing it.

Sweden Sweden

Works well

Works well for my child who sits far too much in front of video games. He is allowed to take breaks and then wear the seat belt. He himself says that it is nice to be stretched.

Vanessa H.
Sweden Sweden

Fulfills its function

Bought for a 10 year old guy with a bad posture. After 2 weeks of use good results, we use it 1 to three hours at a time, about five days a week. Good quality and clearly fulfills its function.

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