About swedish posture

World leader in posture

Swedish Posture develop products for postural health.

A good posture creates a natural balance in the body and gives you increased body control and mobility.

Our philosophy is simple —it should be easy to improve your posture.

Our products are based on a reminding function, rather than support. This way, your muscles are actively guiding you to change your posture behavioural pattern.

Swedish Posture’s product range is sold in 20 countries.

A simple idea with a definite effect

Emma Pihl, founder of Swedish Posture, herself received gently reminders from her kind parents about her posture. Competitive as she was, she began to check her own posture in comparison with others. She realized that today’s sedentary lifestyle together with too little movement creates countless curved backs and bad posture at all ages.

She took matters into her own hands and created her own innovation inspired by the rehabilitation of a broken collarbone – Swedish Posture’s first product, Posture Classic, – a friendly reminder for better posture.


Sports Sponsorships

Felicia Linder (DIF Hockey Women) for improved recovery, support and pain relief.

Clinical Partnerships

Agilokliniken, Swedish mayor chiropractor and physiotherapist chain.

B2B Partnerships

Convendum, offering ergonomic products for better working environment.