Wellness at work

Stay away from pain and poor posture with a complete ergonomic system

5 benefits of good ergonomics

Advantages with mixing sitting and standing up during the work day to break the sedentary pattern.

1. Reduced back and neck pain
One of the most common health risks of sitting too much is back and neck pain. Many office and computer workers sit for long periods of time at their desks with poor posture. In the long run, this can cause pain, especially in the back and neck. Our Balance Ergonomic Seat is a cushioned seat with an unstable sitting surface that activates your postural muscles when you are sitting. Interesting facts. Research shows that by reducing sitting time to 1 hour a day, back and neck pain can be reduced by 54%.

2. Decreased blood sugar levels
Many office workers eat at their desks. Eating while sitting down can actually cause a larger increase in blood sugar levels which can affect the energy levels during the day. So, standing up while having lunch or snacks has positive advantages such as improved digestion, decreased risk of acid reflux, increased calorie burn and better energy level throughout the work day.

3. A stronger heart
Prolonged periods of sitting still can be quite harmful to the heart. By changing position and by working standing up for some time during the day, have very positive effects on the health and the heart.

4. Higher energy level
Sitting still for too long can affect the energy level. Research shows that too much sedentary time can be linked to heightened risks of anxiety and depression. Standing up once in a while will increase the energy level.

5. Increased productivity
Too much sitting can make a person tired and unmotivated. By mixing between standing and sitting during the workday, the energy levels arise which leads to better productivity and performance.