GelUp Standing Mat


A foldable standing or sitting mat with great comfort thanks to gel pads that provide the necessary relief for standing or sitting. Perfectly suited for those who spend a lot of time standing. Without shoes the feet get a comfortable cooling. The gel pads provide maximum comfort, pressure point massage and some balance training for the small stabilizing muscles. If you stand with shoes, you have fantastic comfort that relieves and activates your whole body. 

  • Use for ergonomic standing
  • Comfortable foot support
  • Improves posture
  • Sit or stand on it with or without shoes
  • Cooling gel for a refreshing sensation
  • 252 activation gel pads
  • Non-slip bottom surface

Material and Measurements

Fabric: Polyester 100%, Filling Sponge: Polyether, Polyols, Silicone

46 x 37 x 1,5 cm 

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