We are Swedish Posture

Swedish Posture is a global wellness brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. We design, develop and produce innovative and functional lifestyle products for Improved Posture, Pain Relief, Ergonomics and Home Exercise. Our vision is to make people pain-free with a proud posture.

What our customers say
What our customers say
Suffering from shoulder pain and this bag has almost saved my life! Everyone should buy it!
— Linnéa B — Verified buyer
What our customers say
Clever sportswear! Makes a bigger difference than I expected. Nice complement to my regular workout tops.
— Emma — Verifyed buyer

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Decrease muscle inflammation

Deep tissue massage relieves tension and soreness effectively. Recommended by professional users.
Massage Gun Pro

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Proud partner

Swedish E-sport Organisation

Swedish Posture proudly sponsored the National E-sport Team representing Sweden in Dota2, CS:GO, PES and Tekken 7 at the World Championships held in Eilat, Israel, in November 2021.

Posture Collection

For slouchy backs from sitting hours on end.
Improve your posture

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Pain Relief Collection

Ease tension away and shorten recovery time.
Say good bye to pain

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Ergonomic Collection

Make your work space work for you.
Try smart ergonomics

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Home Exercise Collection

Multifunctional fitness tools.
Increase your daily health

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We design, develop and produce innovative and functional lifestyle products for improved posture, pain relief, ergonomics and home workout. With our range of products we offer a 360° full body solution for increased health and body awareness.

We help people with pain, back problems, tension and stiffness due to an inactive lifestyle, and also those who just have a desire for a healthier living.

Our mission is for people to be more pro-active, not wait for the pain to arise, but instead use our products as a prevention. We support before, during and after the problem has occurred. Our vision is to make people pain-free, and with a great posture.

Together with distributors, retailers, ambassadors, health experts and partners all over the world we make wellbeing more accessible and increase the posture awareness.