HeadEaz Cooling Headband


A soft headband with cold therapy for headache and migraine. HeadEaz helps you to relax, recover and release tension. Wear over the eyes to rest the head from external light and impressions. The head band can be used self-cooled or freezed for a colder experience. One-Size.

Cold therapy makes the blood vessels contract and blood flow decrease, which reduces swelling and counteracts inflammation. 


• Use when experiencing headache, migraine, fatigue, stress or tension. 

• When wearing the headband, the cooling effect lasts for about 15 minutes. 

• Keep the headband on or remove it to self-cool for 30 minutes. 

• For a colder effect place HeadEaz in the freezer (about 2 hours). Use the freezed headband maximum 15 minutes on bare skin. 

• Use damp cloth to wipe it clean. Lay flat and air dry. 

• Always keep HeadEaz in the enclosed plastic bag. If not, the headband looses its function and softness. 


Fabric: Lycra 100%, Gel: Glycerol 60%, Water 26%, Sodium Acrylate 14% 

Back pain

Back problems can occur for various reasons, but often it comes with the years. Accidents and falls can cause it, but often it is a sedentary life with poor posture and weak muscles that causes the pain.