Back pain

We were not built to sit on a chair all day long. Back pain is one of the most common causes of pain and aches. Every third Swede is affected every year.

Back problems can occur for various reasons, but often it comes with the years. Accidents and falls can cause it, but often it is a sedentary life with poor posture and weak muscles that causes the pain.

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Lower back pain that radiates

What is sciatica?
The sciatic nerve runs from the spine at hip level down to the feet and can be irritated or pinched. The pain is usually in the lower back and radiates mainly down to the legs. Some movements hurt more. Sometimes you can get numbness and muscle weakness.

What causes sciatica?
Either different trigger points in the muscle can irritate the nerve, or the muscle is so tense that it squeezes the nerve, for example during pregnancy. It may also be because there is a narrowing of the nerve from a disc.

How to treat sciatica?
It varies but a muscle-causing sciatica is relieved with anti-inflammatory painkillers and gentle movement. TENS-EMS electrotherapy is a very good treatment, or relief with our Stabilize back belt that gives some extra suppport to the lumbar spine.

How to prevent muscular sciatica?
You usually need to strengthen the muscles and / or help the muscles to relax and not be so tense. If it is the deep pear-shaped buttock muscle (piriformis) that cramps, you need to stretch or get a massage. If it is the deep hip flexor muscle iliopsoas that is weakened, you need to activate it, and not have too much sway back. Strengthening the abdominal muscles is important, for example by sitting on our balance seat or exercising the pelvis with the Mini Gym. Stretching and pilates training are very good ways to access the deeper muscles.

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Acute back pain

Flashing pain in the lumbar spine

What is acute back pain?
Acute back pain is a sudden severe pain in the lumbar spine where the back has become “locked”, cramping muscles and severely reduced mobility. Sometimes you also experience radiant pain down the leg = lumbago sciatica.

What causes acute back pain?
It is usually a cramp that is triggered by tense back muscles, or the cramp can be a result of weakened, degenerated disc. It is common for it to be triggered by lifting heavily in a rotating position

How to treat acute back pain?
Anti-inflammatory medication and moderate calm movement helps. Avoid drafts and cold baths. Try to stretch out cramping muscles. Use the Trainer for easier stretching or lie down on the Back Stretch to stretch your back if possible.

How to prevent acute back pain?
Stretch your buttocks, back and thighs regularly. The muscles may also need to be strengthened through specially adapted exercises with, for example, the mini gym. Keep in mind, however, that starting treatment too early can aggravate the pain of the acute back pain.

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Muscle strain

Stiff neck

What is a stiff neck?
Stiff neck means that you suddenly get cramps in the neck muscles, it hurts and you become stiff in the neck. You have cramps and pain at the same time as you find it difficult to move your head. Usually it is more difficult in one direction. It can hurt a lot when you try to turn your head.

What causes stiff neck?
The problems can start when you have made a fast movement with your head or slept in an uncomfortable position. But other times there is no clear cause.

How to treat a stiff neck?
For most people, the pain in the neck goes away on its own within a few days or a week.

Heat can often reduce the pain. You can, for example, wrap a scarf around your neck or use a heating pad, for example take the wheat pillow from our lumbar belt Stabilize. A hot shower or a hot bath can also feel nice and relieve the pain.

It is easy to believe that the body heals best when it is resting, but the body thrives when it is allowed to move. The increased blood circulation has a positive effect on the whole body and makes healing faster. You should try to avoid movements that hurt, but otherwise you should move as much as you can. Use the Trainer to stretch the body and TENS-EMS electrical therapy for pain relief.

How to prevent stiff neck?
By not moving in too fast movements, lifting too heavy in the wrong position or sleep with a cold drag from the window. It is also important to stay active and regularly exercise and stretch the muscles so they are not too tense. Use the Mini Gym for fun home training.

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Lower back pain

What is lumbago?
The most common type of back pain is pain in the lower back. Lower back pain, lumbago, often begins with weak, gradually increasing pain and a feeling of tiredness. Lumbago is often referred to as “common back pain”.

What causes lumbago?
There are many different causes of back pain. You stand too much, live a sedentary life, exercise in a wrong way, exercise too little, have weak back and torso muscles, are overweight. It is not possible to say one cause of lumbago. 

How is lumbago prevented / treated?
It is important to keep a good posture, move regularly, strengthen the back and torso muscles, keep an even weight, etc. One tip is to use our balance seat to strengthen the body while you do other things. When you experience pain, our TENS-EMS device is also good or the supporting back belt Stabilize with heat therapy.

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Herniated disc

Pain radiates to the legs

What is herniated disc?
Disc herniation is due to part of the contents of the disc being squeezed out, and then nerves get pinched. Disc herniation is experienced through a radiating pain in one of the legs and sometimes also numbness and muscle weakness. The pain can be very strong and take over life. The most common with herniated discs is between the ages of 20 and 60.

What causes herniated discs?
Healthy disks never get herniated discs, but the disks must first have undergone degenerative changes. The actual disc herniation can occur if the pressure on the disc becomes too great, it can happen at torque when you turn and lift at the same time. It can also occur as a result of prolonged muscle tension. Other reasons are if you run on hard ground, are overweight or very stiff / hypermobile. 

How to treat herniated discs?
If you suspect herniated discs, it is good if you put cold on your back to reduce swelling and pain, such as a bag of frozen peas or our cooling gel. Disc herniation may need to be operated on so a doctor should always be contacted. If it is a common herniated disc, that it hurts but that you still have function, you should try to keep moving and not be completely still. Trainer is a good tool to easily stretch your back.

How to prevent herniated discs?
Make sure you have a good back belt, Stabilize the lumbar belt, and do not smoke as it intensifies the genetically controlled degeneration.

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