Stabilize Lumbar Back Belt

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Stabilize back belt stabilizes the lumbar spine and provides direct support and relief for the lower back. The lower back support is a perfect aid in the acute phase of pain relief for temporary back problems. The abdomen is lifted in, which relieves the spine. Also, the lumbar belt improves your posture and reduces the risk of back pain when you walk and stand a lot.

The Stabilize back belt also includes a thermo-pillow, a wheat cushion that can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a freezer for thermotherapy. You attach it easily with Velcro. The support together with heat in the back end increases blood circulation which accelerates muscle recovery and rehabilitation. In addition, it is nice and relaxing. For those of you who spend a lot of time at work, need extra lumbar support and pain relief during the day.

  • Improves your posture and provides pain relief
  • Stabilizes the lumbar spine
  • Suitable for pain or stiffness in the lower back
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Hot therapy, 15–30 sec MAX 600 W in microwave
  • Thermo-pillow for better blood circulation and pain relief

Change your postural pattern and get pain relief:

Use the Stabilize back belt to stabilize and get pain relief from your lumbar spine when necessary, a maximum of 3 hours a day.


Why should I only wear the lower back belt for 3 hours?

We recommend that the lower back belt is used for a maximum of three hours a day. This is because your body should not rely on the lower back belt.


When should I wear the lower back belt?

You can use our lower back belt if you have problems with back pain and feel that you need extra support. The belt also helps to improve your posture and reduces the risk of back pain when you walk and stand a lot.

Wear the lower back belt while cooking, infront of the computer, when walking - you choose when it's the best moment for you.

I have pain in my lower back, will the lower back belt help me?

Yes, our lower back belt gives you extra support and relieves pain. Our lower back belt provides direct support and relief for the lower back.


Should I choose a posture vest or lower back belt?

Do you have problems with pain in both the lumbar spine and the thoracic spine and need support and pain relief? Then you should have a posture vest.

Do you have problems with lower back pain and need extra support? Then you should have a lower back belt.


Why should i choose Swedish Posture's Stabilize Lower Back Belt?

Our lower back belt has a wheat cushion included for pain relief. Heated the wheat cushion in the microwave or chilled in freezer for optimal function. 

The wheat cushion is easily attached to the inside of our lower back belt using velcro.



Size guide

If you are in between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one. 

Back belt size guide


88% Polyester, 12% Elastane

Wash in 40 degrees Celsius

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    Sweden Sweden


    I really find this belt helping me being pregnant, it keeps my back, hip and stomach in place.

    Sweden Sweden

    Nice with the heating

    I really like the small heating pad for the lumbar spine. Gives a nice feeling.

    Sweden Sweden

    Needed this

    I really needed this product. I stand a lot in my work and get so much back pain at the end of the work day. This belt alleviates a bit!

    Sweden Sweden

    Nice for back pain

    So nice back belt. I so often have back pain so with the heating pad it gives a nice relief.

    Daniela C.
    Sweden Sweden

    Great product!

    Great product!

    Back pain

    Back problems can occur for various reasons, but often it comes with the years. Accidents and falls can cause it, but often it is a sedentary life with poor posture and weak muscles that causes the pain.