InfraEaz Infrared and Red Light Therapy Wrap


An adjustable multi-use belt with Red Light and Infrared Therapy in 60 Leds. Use Infrared Therapy for pain, muscle recovery, inflammation and stiffness. Enjoy Red Light for anti-aging effects with increased collagen production. 

• Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy
• Relieves muscle and joint pain 
• Stimulates collagen production
• Reduces wrinkles
• On-Size adjustable wrap for any body part
• Cordless

Use InfraEaz when needed for 20 minute treatments. For optimal result use daily during 4 weeks. Use it directly on the skin.

What is Red Light and Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy (850Nm) is used for pain relief, muscle recovery and inflammation since it reaches deep into the cell tissues. Red Light Therapy (660Nm) targets the skin cells and helps with collagen production, wrinkles and aging spots.

Material, Measurement and Technical Specifications

Material: Neoprene
Measurement: 450 x 120 x 4,95 mm

Led Qty: 60*0,5W
Rating Power: 30W
Battery duration: 115 min
Treatment time: 20 minutes
Battery charging time: 3 hours
USB-C charger
Wavelengths: 660Nm – 850Nm

Back pain

Back problems can occur for various reasons, but often it comes with the years. Accidents and falls can cause it, but often it is a sedentary life with poor posture and weak muscles that causes the pain.