ReCove Cooling Sleeve


A compression sleeve for cold therapy on sore muscles and joints. Wear ReCove on forearm, elbow, leg, knee, ankle or wrist for muscle recovery. Using ReCove gives a nice sensation when having inflammation, arthritis, swelling or tension. It’s also nice to wear af- ter a tough workout. The sleeve can be used self-cooled or freezed for a colder experience. 

Cold therapy makes the blood vessels contract and blood flow decrease, which reduces swelling and counteracts inflammation. 

• Use when experiencing inflammation, swelling, tension or pain in muscles and joints. 

• When wearing ReCove, the cooling effect lasts for about 15 minutes. 

• Keep the sleeve on for compression or remove it to self-cool for 30 minutes. 

• For a colder effect place ReCove in the freezer (about 2 hours). Use the freezed sleeve maximum 15 minutes on bare skin. 

• Use damp cloth to wipe it clean. Lay flat and air dry. 

  Always keep ReCove in the enclosed plastic bag. If not, the sleeve looses its function and softness. 


Fabric: Lycra 100%, Gel: Glycerol 60%, Water 26%, Sodium Acrylate 14%

Back pain

Back problems can occur for various reasons, but often it comes with the years. Accidents and falls can cause it, but often it is a sedentary life with poor posture and weak muscles that causes the pain.