Standy Balance Board


Standy Balance Board encourages daily movement and balance training in the office. By balancing on the board, the feet, legs and core muscle strengthens. The board tilts comfortably which makes you activate the entire body. Use Standy for standing office work, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and everyday balance workout. Standing is more health beneficial than sitting for too long and relieves spinal pressure and back pain.

The structured surface is comfortable for the feet and the non-slip floor protecting rubber coating makes it safe to use. Maximum weight 200 kg. The board can easily be stored hanging.

Advantages with Standy:

  • Improves posture

  • Facilitates ergonomic standing

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Massages feet

  • Improves mobility in stiff joints

  • Increases daily movement which burns calories

  • Boosts health by sitting less

  • Enhances concentration and productivity

How to use

Tilt sideways

Tilt back and forth

Massage the arch of the foot on the massage ball. Without shoes

Use as a workout tool for exercises such as the plank, push-ups and squats

Material and Measurements

Material: PU+Wood+PVC
Measurements: 516 * 351 * 65 mm

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