The body feels best when it receives regular physical activity. Of course, regular activity does not have to be heavy sweaty gym sessions, but can also be pleasant walks in the woods or along the beach at a leisurely pace. The important thing is to move and try to keep the training routines alive.

When holidays arrive, many people throw their daily routines aside to relax as much as possible. After stressful work weeks, time is needed for recovery, but the body still needs to move regularly, at least 30 minutes a day. It does not have to be longer than that.

See the tips below to help you keep your workouts going (without compromising too much on the holiday feeling).

1. Positive thinking
There are very few people who wants to exercise every day, but a negative attitude does not make things better. Try to focus on the parts of the workout that actually feel good and are fun. If it's the feeling afterwards when you breathe out on the patio, remind yourself of that feeling daily and how it affects your mood.

2. Lower your requirements
The main thing is that you move and it absolutely does not have to be for a full hour of structured running intervals or super heavy strength workouts. Put on your training clothes and meet the rest of the family on the beach. Run to an outdoor cafe a few kilometers away, drink a cup of coffee in the sun and run home. The important thing is that you move, not how and how much.

3. Simplify your training
Ignore going to the gym and instead move the strength workouts home to the living room or out into the garden. If you do not have any exercise equipment, you can do exercises with your own body weight or take stones or other heavy objects you can find at home to use as weights.

4. Just get it done!
When was the last time you regretted a workout? It doesn't happen that often, does it? Think about how wonderful it feels when the endorphins spread in the body after the workout. If you feel tired and heavy in the body, ignore the run and take a long walk instead. Getting out the door is usually the most difficult step!

5. Exercise in the morning
Try to exercise in the morning otherwise it's so easy that other fun activities gets in the way. Plan a few days a week when you should finish the day's workout even before the rest of the family has had time to wake up - but remember to alternate the workouts with sleep-in mornings (you still have a holiday to enjoy!).