Every minute makes a difference

One can easily be led to believe that all other people exercise, but the truth is that few of us exercise enough. Most of us are more or less sedentary, which negatively affects our health in a variety of ways. The good news, however, is that even the lightest exercise, the smallest movement, makes a difference.

Everyday training - 6 tips!

1. Be sure to surround yourself in the office and at home with fun and accessible exercise products that stimulate active mini-breaks. A Pilates ball in the bedroom, a Trainer 3in1 on the desk, a Balance seat in the office chair and an exercise bike in the basement.

2. Always choose the stairs and inspire others to do the same when you are in the company of others.

3. When waiting for a bus or subway, choose to walk back and forth on the platform instead of standing or sitting still. It not only provides exercise but also the world's best way to get harmful stress hormones out of the body.

4. Have a daily goal, 7 minutes of exercise on the living room mat, as many push-ups as your age each morning or 10 repetitions of your 4 favorite exercises with the Mini Gym

5. Do as a child, children often find natural opportunities for movement and activity. Balance on the curb, run out of happiness or jump between street squares.

6. Stand by your desk, sit on a Balance seat for active sitting, break sedentary work by being the first to pick up coffee for everyone in the office. Or challenge colleagues in a Jump rope challenge with 200 jumps spread throughout the day.