Comfort Office Smart Kit

€82,00 €104,00

Introducing our Comfort Office Smart Kit to prioritize your comfort and well-being during work hours. This kit combines two essential products designed to transform your office experience.

Back Stretch Pro: Experience great relaxation with our Back Stretch Pro. Use it for gentle back stretching while lying down or as lumbar support in your chair. Its versatile design ensures proper posture and provides relief from backaches, making your workday more comfortable and productive. Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to flexible, pain-free days. Back Stretch Pro has 3 levels. 

Inflatable Seat Pro: Rediscover the joy of sitting with our Inflatable Seat Pro. This innovative cushion transforms your ordinary chair into an ergonomic haven. Its inflatable design activates sitting, encouraging dynamic movement and preventing discomfort. Say farewell to sedentary habits and embrace an active, comfortable sitting experience. Boost your productivity and well-being with every sit. Can also be used for standing to strengthen feet and balance. 

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