Kids Vertical Ergonomic Backpack


Vertical is our ergonomic kids backpack with a revolutionary patented carrying system, Posture Vertical System *. Finally, carrying in a backpack is gentle on the shoulders, body and posture. The carrying system helps your child to prevent poor posture and back problems.

Unlike a regular backpack, the weight is mostly placed over the sternum and in the lumbar region, close to the center of the body where you are strong, instead of burdening the shoulders. By distributing the weight centrally, your child gets completely free shoulders with full mobility, a straight back, the head in the right position and a tension in the torso muscles.

Vertical backpack is a unique solution if your child is suffering from back pain or want to stop straining your shoulders. Perfect to use to school, practices and sleep-overs. 

• Posture Vertical System*– Revolutionary patented carrying system
• Maintains a good posture
• Front-buttoned support system
• Releases and allows full mobility in the shoulders
• Water-repellent material
• Smart functions and pockets for easy packing
• Padded computer department
• USB compartment
• Trolley and bottle holder
• Roll top for a greater packing space

Size guide

Small Height: 120-150 cm

Small: 15-24 liter.
Measurement closed backpack: 26*15*39 cm

Material and Technology

Nylon D600, water resistant

* Posture Vertical System. Patented carrying system where the weight is distributed balanced in the body, developed by Swedish Posture to prevent poor posture and back problems.

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