Having a strong core protects your internal organs, improves your balance, decreases lower back pain and makes everyday tasks easier.

  1. Improves posture

Your core is not only a “six-pack” on your stomach. The core wraps around your entire torso, including the sides and back. When core muscles are stronger, especially the inner core muscles that attach to the spine, they help you maintain a good posture.

 Uncomfortable neck and back pain that can arise after a day in front of the computer can be prevented with a strong core since it makes you keep a better posture while sitting.

  1.   Stabilizes balance

A strong core improves your balance since it keeps your body more aligned. Train your torso strength by sitting on our Ergonomic Balance Seat regularly, 15-30 minutes at a time. 

  1.   Enhances running performance

A strong core helps you sustain a good position when running. A good posture increases the oxygen intake and gives you more energy. Good posture equals improved performance. 

  1. Increases stability

Having a strong core helps you stand straighter and keep your trunk stabilized during workout or other everyday activities. With a weak core, you have higher risk of back pain and muscle injuries. Our Stabilize Lumbar Back Belt provides direct support and relief for the lower back. 

  1. Protects internal organs

 A strong core can help keep vital organs safe. For example, the liver and kidneys lie right underneath the abdominal wall which acts as a protecting cover.

  1. Facilitates everyday tasks

Your core is active in all your activities during the day. With a strong core it’s easier to perform everyday activities such as picking things up from the floor, changing bed linens, standing for long periods of time, cleaning etc.

  1. Reduces and prevents pain

A strong core helps you feel better overall since it reduces back pain and makes physical activities easier. With a better supportive base and improved balance, you can prevent your body from a bad posture and excessive strain on your spine.